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As a Gulf War Veteran and Senior Army Warrant Officer who worked in the fields of logistics and Federal Acquisition in the federal government and later as an entrepreneur, I’ve seen how organizational form and structure within the federal government and in my own business experience provided foundational keys and principles that has guided me to success in both the public and private sectors. 

As our working environment becomes more diverse and global, our knowledge and organizational skills and behavior must develop along with those changes.

 Improving workplace cooperation is forefront in the minds of many who understand the importance of communication and teamwork as skills needed to reach a common goal.

Working together with co-workers, supervisors and management within organizations is the method for success and goes further than becoming competitive.

This book is a catalyst for situational understanding in navigating teams successfully and communicating to higher management. 




Knowledge is the key – Reasoning is the path to understanding.

Derrick darden


The goal of this site is to bring a balanced and researched-based perspective on topics related to both private and public-sector workplaces. The topics include team building, management, and leadership styles, employee behavior, diversity and inclusion, the future of work, and so much more.

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